Fairy Tail Returning!

Fans of the long running Fairy tail, were pleased to learn that it was confirmed to return something soon. A specific return date was not specified, but we were surprised of the quick return. Fairy tail’s last new episode was on March 30, the break was intended to create a nice gap between the manga and the anime. The story will pick up exactly where it ended, during the tournament.


Fairy Tail is about a teenaged girl named Lucy Heartfilia. It is her dream to join Fairy Tail, a famous mage guild. During a risky rescue, she meets Natsu “Salamander” Dragneel, a  teenaged mage from Fairy Tail who practices an ancient form of mage called Dragon Slayer magic. Lucy is welcomed into Fairy Tail, and she along with other members of the guild go on adventures and quests together.


fairy tail

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