Anime Song Of The Day 15

For today's anime song of the day, I chose Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai's (aka Kami Nomi) opening 1 titled "god only knows" . Today's anime song of the day will be a little different because, as you can see, there are two songs for today. Well the reasoning behind this

eShop Cyber Monday Deals

Nintendo of America finally listed the new eShop cyber deals on their official website. Some titles  have been reduced up to 50% of their original price.  There is a mixture of Wii U and 3DS games to get your hands on. Here’s the list from the Wiiu and 3ds eShops. Wii U Zelda: The Wind Waker HD

Top 8 Tips On How to Improve At Smash Bros.

Want to improve in the art of Smash Bros? This top 8 was made with Smash 4 in mind, but they can be applied to any game in the series. Not good enough for you? Well I have you covered with 8 more tips. If you fall behind a stock,

Anime Song Of The Day 14

For Glg-Gaming's anime song of the day, I chose "Ienai Ienai" by Hilcrhyme (don't ask how to pronounce it, because I dont know lol). This was the ending song of Jitsu Wa Watashi Wa. I didn't really care much for the anime itself, but it had one of the best endings of any

PlayStation Plus December 2015 Games 

Winter is coming, and has already arrived for some of us, and with it is next month’s batch of PlayStation Plus games. Are you ready to dive into epic battles against the forces of darkness,or even fight against a dragon? Well you’re in luck because they have both bases covered.

Pokemon Picross Coming December 3rd

The Pokémon Company has  confirmed today that Pokémon Picross will be heading to the American, and the European, eShop on December 3rd. This should hopefully keep you occupied over the Christmas period and will be a free download. The following description was given on the official website: Turn puzzles into portraits with Pokémon

GtaV & Black Ops 3 Outsold by Clannad?

The arrival of Clannad‘s English release onto Steam has seemingly racked up enough popularity and sales to see it achieve a higher ranking in the “top sellers” ranking than that of GTA V and Call of Duty, which is an unforeseen event considering the western market’s love for violence and

Top 8 characters I would Like to See In Smash 4

After the November 12th Nintendo direct, I had a new flame ignite. My love for the Smash series and it's amazing roster of characters got me thinking about the possibilities of other 3rd party characters getting into Smash. During the Smash ballot, I couldn't imagine Cloud getting into Smash Bros.